Kitchen floor weekend (among other things)

Yes! Remembered the before picture for this one. The first time we looked at this house, I talked about changing the kitchen floor. Our first week here, I proceeded to make it worse but exploding a glass pan of brownies and leaving burn marks in the vinyl. Over 2 years later, we finally did it! Woohoo! Thanks to grandparents watching the kids for the night we were able to put down new flooring! After over a year of debating tile, wood, vinyl–we went with “luxury vinyl plank.” We’ll let you know if it turns out as waterproof and sturdy as we hope. Looks fabulous though! I love it every time I walk in there. Everything else I want to do calls out to me though–counters, sink, cabinets, hardware, appliances (we will probably wait until something gives out!). But first we will start with the trim. The previous vinyl went 4 inches up the walls and cabinets, so we need to add some substantial trim! It’s a lot of work, and I am thankful for a detailed husband who is not scared to DIY.

IMAG7451 IMAG7455 IMAG7458 IMAG7460IMAG7507

We also managed to fit in a basketball game, Cat in the Hat Scavenger Hunt in downtown Edmonds, Mabel/Mommy date to Seattle Center (to pick up a race packet), and the Hot Chocolate 5k early Sunday morning. I need a weekend break from my weekend!!IMAG7484 IMAG7490 IMAG7508

I am so grateful for the ladies in my Bible Study this year and last. They have been a great encouragement to me, and I was happy to try some 5ks with Katie this year. I just might become a regular 5ker. Although, I have my sights set on a mud run next. Hoping I can talk someone into it with me. Katie? Constance? Ivonne? Margaret?

By the way, the chocolate at the end of the 5k was amazingly tasty! Hot cocoa, fondue, and snacks for dipping. I ate too much to fast though, and felt a little sick from all the sugar! Must learn to pace myself for the run and the after party. 🙂

IMAG7516 IMAG7519 IMAG7521

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I want a lollipop!

This girl is such a challenge at times! It was one of “those” mornings. Everything was a battle! She threw a fit getting into the car, getting out of the car, getting into the shopping cart. She did not want to do anything. So, first things first–we found the crab and grabbed a lollipop. The rest of the shopping trip wasn’t too bad–until we had to get back into the car. Ugh!

IMAG7407 IMAG7408 IMAG7409

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Tiling Weekend

We failed to get a before picture of our orange/brown tile the had loose pieces which Ruby loved to remove (she does love puzzles!). But here is the new tiles entry before grout and with grout. Woohoo!

IMAG7399IMAG7402 Had to get out of the house while it was drying and chanced upon a beautiful sunny afternoon! Of course we go through sun and rain about 6 times everyday this time of year. Glad we were out at the same time as the sun! (Mabel was at her first church winter camp for the weekend!)


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Can’t believe this boy is 6 already! So big!


He and Ruby were great “hammering” playmates. Being able to see him and celebrate with him makes my heart smile. Seeing Ruby grow to love him is just icing on the cake. IMAG7312

At these rites of passage that mark off time, I am still stricken with moments of grief though they are growing less biting and shorter-lived. I miss him, but he is doing great.

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One Amazing 8 year-old!

This girl brightens, eases, and challenges my life every day!

She is such a great big sister–entertaining, cautioning, protecting, consoling, and giving piggy back rides. (I sometimes get annoyed at her when she is somewhat of a “helicopter” parent, but am mostly grateful for her help.)


She was so brave when I said she HAD to try to the school Spelling Bee. Never once did she want to do it–until she actually did it. The first thing she said afterwards? “Can I sign-up next year?” She is on the end in her very appropriate yellow and black. She went 8 rounds and spelled the word “moxie.” When out on “hammock.”


Loved getting to have a date with her at the Seattle Center. Love her curiosity and zest for life! We sat in the very front of the monorail–you’ve got to try it! It is a very different experience up there.

IMAG7497 IMAG7502IMAG7506

My heart is full when I look at her.


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Ruby is very busy exploring. The poor umbrella bore the brunt of her testing their limits. But Pink Bunny is benefiting from careful listening.

IMAG7268 IMAG7335

Ruby can reliably name most colors now. She seems to like green best, at the moment. I am quite proud of this little sorting game I made for her. Very Montessori!

Her pretending is becoming increasingly developed and dangerous when a hammer is involved. “We do not hammer people!” 🙂

IMAG7391 IMAG7435

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